Video: John Wayne on Liberty, Freedom, and the Role of Government

Remember when Hollywood film was populated by characters that sounded like this?

via Video John Wayne on Liberty, Freedom, and the Role of Government РThe Federalist Papers.



Stephen K. Bannon, the film maker who brought you Generation Zero, The Undefeated, The Conservatives, Occupy Unmasked and now The Hope & The Change, brings forth a new Judicial Watch documentary about the corruption inherent in our nations capitol. This is exactly the kind of film making we need to educate ourselves and the Country about the work that we still need to do to restore good government to Washington D.C..

Please share the trailer and spread the word about this important new film from Victory Film Group.

Video: “The Croods” Official Trailer

This is the official trailer for a new FOX feature film “The Croods” which appears to support the benefits of independent thought and the virtue of individual initiative. If this is the case such movies which encourage our children should be supported and encouraged. Look out for more about “The Croods” and decide for yourself if it is worth your support. It is due out SPRING 2013.