VIDEO INTERVIEW: Uncommon Knowledge with Justice Antonin Scalia

Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution sits down for an in depth interview with Justice Antonin Scalia. (48:47) Enjoy this wide ranging discussion with Scalia and his views on the Constitution and Liberty.


VIDEO: Dumb Idea in Italy – Jailing Scientists!!!

Wow. This is a truly disturbing turn of events. Could such an event happen here? I fear we are quite close to the public demanding such “accountability” as our scientists become increasingly indistinguishable from government officials and individuals become increasingly dependent on government for their “safety and “protection.” It is Ayn Rands world. We are just living in it. H/T How the World Works

Craigslist Looters Strip Foreclosed Home Bare When Invited to Driveway Giveaway

This reminds me of a scene from Atlas Shrugged. Leftist Looters stripped the home in full view of the family and refused to stop when ask. This happened in Woodstock, GA an upper middle class suburb of Atlanta, not some inner city.

Wake Up America!

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