MUST WATCH: Glenn Beck Keynote at 2013 NRA Convention – YouTube

Please watch Glenn Beck’s Keynote from the 2013 NRA Convention.

Then ask what you can do to save our Republic.



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Via NBC ~ Exclusive: Turkish PM Erdogan: Syria has crossed red line, used chemical weapons – World News

Red Line? What Red Line? I don’t see any Red Line.

We are an international joke.

From the Article:

Turkey’s prime minister is charging that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against its people and has called on the U.S. to take stronger action, he told NBC News’ Ann Curry in an exclusive interview Thursday.


“It is clear the regime has used chemical weapons and missiles,” Turkish premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.


Erdogan gave no specifics about when and where the weapons were allegedly used, but he said he believes President Obama’s “red line” for the U.S. in deciding whether to take action has been crossed.

Exclusive: Turkish PM Erdogan: Syria has crossed red line, used chemical weapons – World News.

via Exclusive: Turkish PM Erdogan: Syria has crossed red line, used chemical weapons – World News.

Lee Stranahan Interviews Clint the Hot Dog Guy (VIDEO)


Lee Stranahan interviews Clint about the attack at the AFP tent. This gentleman was attacked for merely associating with AFP at the rally and selling his hotdogs to conservatives in an act of free market commerce. For this he must be punished. It sounds like his attackers were not union members, but Black Bloc members who are attempting to seed unrest and violence and in the process bring down capitalism.

The Weight is Almost Over #GOTV

“There are two paths: One is America, the other is Occupy.” Andrew Breitbart

There is a weight pressing down on this country, a yoke of regulation, taxes, and policy. For almost four years I have been privileged to fight alongside a series of warriors from every corner of the country for the heart and soul of the nation. The tea party movement, at it’s root, is not a political movement. It is a cultural movement, that exerts it’s influence on politics and policy to secure and defend a country in line with it’s beliefs. Those beliefs are rooted in our founding documents, especially the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States and the intent of the Founders as best we can understand that by their writings and arguments for the inherent worth of the individual and their liberty.

Tomorrow is election day. It is a day for which many of us have worked tirelessly for in the Tea Party movement. Politicians are not perfect. They are a means to an end. That end is the enacting of laws which will protect our rights and liberties. I am supporting  Republicans at every level, in every race, because I believe that at this moment we stand on a precipice. This country will either go one way on another. We will either proceed further down the road to serfdom, or will turn back toward freedom and liberty. The momentum that currently propels us toward statism is considerable and it will require every politician we can secure to fight with us to switch course. If we have Democrats in control of the Senate, Obamacare will forever be a fixture of this country. We will continue with no budget, impossible deficits, and stagnation for our country because Harry Reid will block Romney policies in the Senate should he win.

Whether you like politicians is immaterial. Whether you agree with them on every issue is immaterial. We need a Republican President, Senate, Governors, Statewide Officeholders, State Legislators and State Senators. We need them all. And we need them now. And then once they are elected, we need to hold them accountable.

Tomorrow, vote like the future of you country depends upon it. Because it does.


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