Lee Stranahan Interviews Clint the Hot Dog Guy (VIDEO)


Lee Stranahan interviews Clint about the attack at the AFP tent. This gentleman was attacked for merely associating with AFP at the rally and selling his hotdogs to conservatives in an act of free market commerce. For this he must be punished. It sounds like his attackers were not union members, but Black Bloc members who are attempting to seed unrest and violence and in the process bring down capitalism.


Stranded New Yorkers Are Defecating in Apartment Buildings

We are seeing societal breakdown in portions of the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. This is going to get worse before it gets better. H/T Drudge

VIDEO: “It’s unfortunate. She should not have been out.” Says Man that Refused Sanctuary During #SANDY

In what can only be viewed as a stunning lack of humanity in the face of overwhelming need, this story has become iconic of the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy. The man’s lack of concern for the woman and her children is staggering as is his response when told the boys died: “It’s unfortunate. She should not have been out.”

You can read the story and see the video interview here: Report: Man refuses to open home to mother, kids swept away in Hurricane Sandy waters