Superman to Quit Daily Planet to Become Andrew Breitbart

Superman is quitting the Daily Planet to start his own news site. According to a statement to FOXNews, DC Comics explains:

“This is not the first time in DC Comics history that Clark Kent has left the Planet, and this time the resignation reflects present-day issues – the balance of journalism vs. entertainment, the role of new media, the rise of the citizen journalist, etc.” and that Superman would: “come into his own in the next few years as far as being a guy who takes to the Internet and to the airwaves and starts speaking an unvarnished truth.

In describing the kind of site that Superman would found Lobdell stated:

“He is more likely to start the next Huffington Post or the next Drudge Report than he is to go find someone else to get assignments or draw a paycheck from,” Lobdell told USA Today.

This new Superman sounds a lot like Andrew Breitbart to me.

H/T Drudge Report