Off the #FiscalCliff at Ramming Speed!


Right now, during these fiscal cliff debates,this is what keeps coming to mind, the “Ramming Speed” sequence from Ben Hur. In the bowels of a Roman warship the masters attempt to break the slaves’ will by increasing the speed of the ship from Battle Speed, to Attack Speed, and finally to Ramming Speed. Likewise, the politicians of today are trying to break us, by speeding us to a fiscal cliff of their own making. However they will also learn that like, Ben Hur, no matter what their actions we will not be broken.

Happy New Year!


PJTV: Let It Burn! Should GOP Allow Obama To Deliver Nation Unto Fiscal Ruin? (VIDEO)


Some conservatives want to allow the country to fall off the fiscal cliff. Others want to give Obama the tax hikes he demands. Trifecta wonders whether the real solution to out of control federal entitlement spending is to sit back and allow the nation to hit the debt ceiling. via PJTV

What do you think?