VIDEO: New Official MoveOn Ad Encourages Violence and Rioting if Romney Wins (Graphic Language)

This new video from MoveOn.Org and hosted on MoveOn’s official YouTube Channel titled “A Message from the Greatest Generation,” seems to endorse both rioting and violence to Mitt Romney’s person should Romney win the election. While the video seems to be a parody of typical GOTV PSAs and uses graphic language in the mouths of the elderly to shock, it makes me wonder who is the audience for such an ad? It seems that this ad is targeted to the most virulent and violent of the Occupy/Anarchist movement and would seem to green light riots and violence in the case of an Obama loss. Both MoveOn and it’s main financier George Soros have funneled money to such groups before. Let us both hope that not only does Romney win, but that such violence does not take place.